Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism

At the end of Matthew’s Gospel Jesus tells the disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, ‘baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’. But what’s so important about baptism? What does it mean?

Through the love and grace of God, and the power of his Spirit, baptism unites us with Christ such that we share his life. It is a new birth, a fresh beginning in the household of faith. However, baptism isn’t an end in itself but the beginning of a wonderful journey. For faith isn’t merely an assent to a set of doctrines but a relationship with the living God.

When do baptisms take place?

Usually baptisms take place during the main Sunday morning service. This is so that you or your child can be welcomed and supported by the other members of the church. However, in certain circumstances other times can be arranged.

What about godparents? How many do I need?

Godparents promise to pray for their godchild and support them in the Christian faith. It is an important and responsible role.

You should have at least three godparents: two of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex. Godparents can be family members or friends. However, it is important that you choose people who will take an interest in your child’s spiritual welfare and who will pray for you and your child. Godparents must themselves be baptised, and should also be confirmed.

How do I find out more information or arrange for a baptism?

If you would like to discover more about baptism or arrange for you or your child to be baptised, please contact the vicar.